Beginner Progression

Beginner Progression

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This progression style cleanses are designed to are some of our most effective and diverse line ups. The idea behind the change in day to day juice is to help adapt your body to the liquid nutrition in a seamless way. The reduction in natural calories and sugar content day by day, helps your body ease into liquids only.


Day 1

1. After Dark                                1.  Illuminate me                  1. Spirit

2. Ginger Snap                            2. Big Turmeric                     2. Lemon Aid

3.  Wide Awake                            3. Wide Awake                      3. Knock Out 

4. Lemonaid                                 4. Lemonaid                           4. Lemonaid

5. Illuminate me                                    5. Spirit.                                 5. Orchard green 

6. Silky Cashew.                          6. Silky Cashew                    6. Silky Cashew

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it!

I love this cleanse and the way I feel when I’m on it! I have energy, less bloating, and just feel great! I wish I could do it all the time. All the juices taste great as well!

Krista Jackson
Progression cleanse

I had done a raw 28 day cleanse years ago. I wanted a kick start so tried this cleanse. No issues. The juices were delicious. Found on last day needed to supplement with extra fruit and veggies. Could do a 5 day but think I will do a 3 day every 2-3 months. Great help with any questions with the owner.

Thank you.

Iara Aguilera-Riera
Nice reset!

I did this cleanse after a full month of unhealthy eating habits and lack of activity. It was a great way to start fresh and I feel like it helped control my cravings for unhealthy foods afterwards.

It’s the right number of juices to get you through the day, in other cleanses I’ve done I found myself constantly looking at the clock but not for this one. Drinking water was super important, it helped with feeling full and I had enough energy for non-demanding exercise like going for a long hike with my dog or doing some yoga.

The last day was the hardest, but not impossible, herbal teas really helped me get through it.

I would definitely recommend doing this cleanse as a nice reset!


Find all the answers here

Do I get hungry?

Some hunger is normal as your body adjusts to the liquid nutrients; but over time people find they have more energy than normal.

Do I get all the bottles at once? Is there an order?

We can provide up to 3 days at one time (typically) and number the juices 1-6 in order of consumption.

Can I eat or drink anything else?

Absolutely, herbal teas, and water are both highly recommended. As well we provide a list of suitable foods if your body is still adjusting.